The Digifort solution presents itself in products that cover all the needs of surveillance and intelligence in video monitoring; providing solutions that cover small 8 camera systems to major projects with multiple locations managed from a single central with 30,000 + active channels.

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Video Management

Digifort products are carefully designed to offer the highest quality video monitoring and management software, exceeding market standards and expectations, while providing tailor-made features for a wide range of applications. Today it has more than 240 manufacturers worldwide and over 6,500 models of devices integrated to the system.

License Plate Recognition

The Digifort LPR can be used on highways, streets, parking lots, shopping malls, businesses, or anywhere that requires identification of the automobile license plate. It is an intelligent module that, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features for automatic character recognition, identifies vehicle license plates and stores them in a database for immediate or future searches.

ELV|Integrator|CCTV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain
ELV|CCTV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain|Integrator

Advanced Analysis of Video

Digifort has a powerful video analytic module that used in conjunction with its client interface, will allow the monitoring to be more efficient and intelligent, helping the operators to obtain a greater ability to process claims and the detection of events. Developed for continuous operation, without the need for the operator’s constant attention.

Forensic Analytics

Digifort's new Video Synopsis module offers innovative features and tools for video forensics and electronic surveillance projects. The Synopsis video module is able to reduce the review time of a particular video for forensic (investigative) purposes - the reduction such video is from hours to minutes. This reduction is made possible thanks to a proprietary compression of the video information. This compression creates a visual summary, which allows the operator to visualize several events occurring at different times and being shown simultaneously – overlaying all items while displaying their individual time codes.

ELV|Integrator|CCTV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain
ELV|CCTV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain|Integrator

Face Recognition

The Digifort Face Recognition module is a worldwide partnership between Digifort and the American company RealNetworks, with their SAFR module. This module enables face recognition with excellent accuracy and high reliability. With a 99.86% accuracy, This product provides the user important details regarding the identified personnel including face-matching with a registered database, approximate age, gender and emotional state.

Licenses for Alarms and I/O Modules

The Digifort system comes with a complete alarm and event management platform, with the recognition of alarms created by any device that has been connected in the cameras or video servers. Using any alarm sensor in the I/O modules, cameras or video servers, the system will alert operators locally or in remote locations using a variety of optional proactive alerts.

ELV|Integrator|CCTV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain
ELV|CCTV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain|Integrator

Keyboard Controller

The Digifort keyboard controller was developed exclusively for the Digifort system in order to achieve a better flow and ease of use in all of its operation, making it possible to eliminate the standard keyboard, mouse and joystick. The keyboard is multi-use with double functions and has an integrated joystick and jog dial with controllable speed with vertical and horizontal rotation and PTZ functions.


Middleware products intermediate all the communication between your existing software and devices and Digifort products, allowing multi-directional communication for a variety of applications.

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