SAFR for Security

Today’s heads of security for hospitals, stadiums, corporate campuses, airports, and more must maintain high awareness over large areas through a potentially overwhelming number of security cameras. SAFR for Security helps teams stay engaged, alert, and focused by minimizing alarm fatigue, distraction, staffing gaps, mis-identification and bottlenecks at secure access points.

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The New Face of VMS

When SAFR is paired with a VMS, the integrated experience provides vigilant 24/7 monitoring and can include live video overlays within the VMS to identify strangers, threats, concerns, unrecognized persons, VIPs, employees, or other tagged individuals in live video.

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Video Overlays

The SAFR for Security VMS integration enables live video overlays that identify everyone from strangers, threats, and persons of concern to employees, VIPs, or other tagged individuals.

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Alarms & Notifications

Security teams can customize real-time alerts and be instantly notified when persons of interest enter or leave a monitored area. No matter the use case - multi-factor authentication, building system integration, unobtrusive monitoring, threat detection or more notifications can be further customized to initiate powerful security responses.

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Automatic Bookmarks

Teams can create automatic bookmarks for a variety of conditional scenarios. Bookmarks and searchable metadata enable more efficient investigative and forensic work with recorded video.

The AI-Powered SAFR Platform

The foundation of the SAFR for Security solution is the underlying SAFR platform which makes possible a new level of visibility and situational awareness with exceptionally accurate, AI-powered facial recognition.

Fast & Accurate

In the world of security, reaction time is everything. But delivering rapid facial recognition results without accuracy would return unacceptable errors, like granting access to a threat or denying access to a VIP. SAFR’s algorithm has been designed for a superior balance of speed and accuracy.

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SAFR is built for privacy. All facial signatures and facial images in transit or at rest use AES-256 encryption, and no data is passed over the internet if run on premises. Privacy is thoughtfully addressed from a full suite of administrative tools that include easy opt-in/opt-out capabilities to Implementation Best Practices.

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Distributed & Flexible

The SAFR platform can be deployed on a single computer or scaled to thousands of cameras. The distributed architecture allows for low bandwidth requirements and enables optimized performance, hosted on premises or in the cloud. The highly adaptable SAFR platform ideally suits a range of real-world security use cases.

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Deployment Neutral

Unlike other solutions requiring full video uploads to the cloud, the SAFR platform can be deployed on a single computer to monitor a handful of IP cameras, or scaled to thousands of cameras to meet the challenges security professionals face every day.

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The SAFR platform makes it easy to assign people and roles, and to view security cameras through the SAFR interface. It is also possible to configure custom security actions and alarms based on recognition events such as unlocking a door, turning on lights, sounding an alarm etc. SAFR also provides actionable data for live analytics.

Integrator|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain|CCTV