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Using AI to Augment Human Performance

Snap Surveillance helps maximize the efficiency of your security investment by providing surveillance operators the tools to respond effectively in real-time situations and also to quickly review, analyze, and understand incidents captured within recorded video.

Zero-Loss Subject Tracking with Unrivaled Speed and Accuracy

Snap Surveillance’s unique AI-enabled tracking software enables higher performance and more productivity from security operators in managing large security camera networks – regardless of their familiarity with a site or facility. In a live incident, when speed of response is critical and the security team is under extreme pressure to identify and track a subject, Snap FMX ensures that a subject can be continuously tracked without the need for operators to remember camera positions, names, and configurations – potentially saving lives and making it an essential part of your security solution.

Integrator|CCTV|Surveillance software|ELV|security|Bahrain

AI-Enabled Multi-Camera Tracking Software

Delivering the world’s first and only AI-enabled multi-camera tracking software for large-scale security camera networks.

Integrator|CCTV|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Users of Snap see video streams in the context of neighboring video streams with our unique “Peripheral Vision” display - making security staff more effective.

Integrator|CCTV|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Neighboring live video streams are shown in context with cues for the operator on where to look next - providing live subject tracking with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Integrator|CCTV|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Just by following the action, users of Snap can produce consolidated videos of everything suspects do whilst on site - providing rapid and compelling support for investigations.

Integrator|CCTV|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Snap is the only product which uses AI to automatically understand and map how cameras in a large environment relate to each other.

Integrator|CCTV|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Snap’s software requires no special camera functionality, and we work with the majority of cameras and encoders.

Integrator|CCTV|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Snap scales to networks of thousands of cameras. The larger or more complex the camera network, the greater the benefit for operators in understanding and navigating through that network.