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Add on Services

At HEMAYA, we understand that your security needs grow as your enterprise does. The add on services wing was initiated with the intention to provide a one of a kind platform for clients who require specialized and secure information dissemination.

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CCTV|Integrator|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Security checks On individuals

Hemaya’s ISC authenticates a range of information including personal data and address details, evaluates social-media channels, unravels entangled corporations, and analyzes the environment. Scrupulously trained questioners, with backgrounds in law enforcement and psychology, conduct hour long security interviews to expose potential contradictions or inconsistencies, thereby protecting you from making regrettable decisions. In the ideal scenario, we give you the green light and the security of knowing you have minimized your risk. We work strictly in accord with local compliance standards and the guidelines of Swiss data-protection officers.

Integrator|CCTV|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Insurance Fraud Prevention

At Hemaya, we use our extensive knowledge of the current legal situation to document incriminating and exonerative facts for further legal use as becomes necessary. Together with our foreign partners, we also cover customer needs worldwide .

Integrator|CCTV|ELV|Surveillance software|security|Bahrain

Information Procurement

Information procurement is a facilitated forte at Hemaya; a skilled trade that we constantly refine with the support of a continually growing global network and the latest technical advancements. We verify alleged insolvency, track down debtors or inheritors, and make concealed assets visible.

You need to know what’s going on behind cryptocurrency.

Hemaya relies on cryptocurrency investigation tools and seasoned investigators to cater to law enforcement entities, the financial sector and regulators. Specializing in forensic investigation and risk mitigation, we ensure that your wallet or transaction risk scores and forensic investigation insights give you the information you require to apprehend criminals and be compliant.

Integrator|CCTV|Surveillance software|ELV|security|Bahrain


Using QLUE™, Hemaya assists you in fighting against terrorist financing, money laundering, humantrafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and other cyber crimes. QLUE™ enables investigators to quickly and visibly “follow the virtual money” behind Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions.